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How To Find Garden Edging Ideas For Slopes

Posted by on Jul 16, 2016

How To Find Garden Edging Ideas For Slopes

Gardening is a hobby that many people enjoy. It allows you to work in the dirt and create something that grows and adds to the appearance of your yard. As you consider what design you want to make while gardening, there are many places you can get ideas to help you get the edging ideas you desire for slopes. Continue reading to learn more about creating a beautiful garden on a slope and where to get the ideas that you need.

First of all, you can get some great ideas for garden edging for slopes online. Go to your favorite search engine and then do a search. Once you do, you can either look through the results you find or click on images so you can just see the pictures of some great ideas. As you find the ideas you like, it is a good idea to bookmark the pages or the pictures so you can refer back to them. Another option is to write down the ideas or draw them out.

Another option for finding great gardening ideas is to look at areas that are similar to yours. Drive around other areas with slopes and see if you can find any ideas that strike you. You may consider taking pictures of these gardens, too, so you can have a visual as to what ideas you liked.

Also, you can find some great ideas in gardening books. You can find these in many different locations. Visit your library for a look at library books. You may be able to make a copy of a page that contains an idea that you like or even check out the book. You may even consider visiting your local book store and looking at gardening books if you would like to purchase it. Looking online at book stores is another great option for finding garden books that can give you the inspiration that you desire.

If you are finding that you are still unable to find the inspiration that you want, you may consider hiring a landscaping company to come out and help you with ideas. This is something they do on a regular basis so the ideas they have may be something that you choose to use.

garden edging ideaOnce you do come up with an idea to edge your slope garden, consider sketching out your design. You can do this on paper or you can use something temporary in your yard. By doing this, you will have a visual of what you can expect and it will help you make a decision as to if you want to use this design or not.

As you can see, there are many places where you can find some ideas to consider for your garden edging on a slope. You can look online, consider books, and even find ideas in your area. Once you find the design that you desire, make sure that you are happy with it by sketching it.

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Quality Residential Landscape Design

Posted by on Jul 4, 2016

landscape with fountain

There are many different types of work that fall under the general umbrella term of residential landscape design. From taking care of the very basics like putting in flower beds and mowing the lawn to tackling more advanced jobs like hardscaping, building a Koi pond, or creating an entirely new backyard, when you need high quality work done you want to make sure you have the right landscaping professional for the job.

So what exactly should you be looking for?

Providing All The Basics

When looking at the specifics of residential work most people aren’t looking for anything fancy but are looking for professional quality work that takes care of all the basics such as mowing the lawn, fertilizing or watering the grass, taking care of any weeds in the flowers, trimming bushes and trees, and general maintenance work. The good news is if you are looking for this type of landscaping work then virtually any residential contractor you contact will be able to provide it.

Many Different Types Of Stonework

When calling various residential landscapers about some stonework you want done, make sure you give as many details as possible since there are actually several different types of work that fall under this category. There are professionals who work with stone slab and can create incredible looking steps that turn into a pleasant slab pathway that goes to the backyard.

Other people love the appearance of cobblestone and prefer a path of smooth various colored stones that create that old school look. You also have many people who want a full backyard design that includes gravel paths decorated by ornamental grasses and flowers on every side.

Every single one of these particular looks is very different from any other one, and they require different materials, different expertise, and different levels of work. Because of that you want to make absolutely sure you are getting the professionals who specialize in the type of stonework (also often referred to as hardscaping) that you want.

Ornamental Plants And Flowers

Many people have no idea of just how many options there are for creating a beautiful and very unique looking front or backyard. Not only are there hundreds of different types of flowers that can be planted, but many people love the look of ornamental plants and ornamental grasses that bring their own very unique aesthetic appearance to any given property. The full range of options available will once again very from person to person and contractor to contractor, but this is information that is always worth making sure you have.

Laying New Sod Or Irrigation

There are several other major services that a residential landscaper is likely to offer. Sometimes a person wants an entirely new yard because the old one is tore up or the old grass just doesn’t look all that good. In this situation of professional might decide that instead of going with fertilizer the best option is to lay completely new sod.

Pulling this off and keeping the new grass green and healthy takes a lot of skill and requires the right type of installation to make sure nothing goes wrong. Laying new sod is extremely important in order to get a beautiful look on a new lawn or property. Beyond that it takes the right type of fertilization, and watering in order to make sure it stays in good shape.

Speaking of irrigation, most good residential landscaper’s offer installation of new irrigation systems when necessary, will provide maintenance on existing irrigation systems, and can replace old ones are no longer functioning or serving their proper purpose. This takes a high level of mechanical skill but the dividends are obvious from the very beginning.

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Designing Your Small Garden

Posted by on Jun 9, 2016

garden landscape

When you don’t have much space to work with, growing a garden can have its challenges. However, there are many great ideas out there to help you make a small garden work, no matter what type of space you’re dealing with. A smaller garden is quite cute, and you’re going to figure out your space and what you need to do.

I remember when I was a young kid, about six years old, and my parents actually mowed the front yard with a weed-eater. It wasn’t large enough to even invest in a push mower. Our next home in a different state, however, had a large back yard that led into a field. My parents let my sister and I use rocks to make a border for a garden, and we would plant stuff. They planted a garden at the end of the yard every growing season, too.

Some people think growing vegetables and herbs isn’t for a backyard and can only be done in rural areas. Well, there are many small garden ideas that can spruce up your backyard garden and make it look really nice. Plus, you don’t have to just focus on growing food. You can put all kinds of plants and flowers up, using mulch, garden decor and more. Do you live in a climate where you can plant fruit trees? Fruit trees are a great addition if you have room.

You can use brick pavers as well to help make the landscape look decorative. Of course, all of these things are used in larger yards, too. Therefore, it’s not just about what to use in your yard but how to use it as well. How much space do you actually have? Hopefully, you’re not using a weed-eater like my parents to mow your yard because it’s that small. And, hopefully you’re not relegated to container gardening only, although it is great to supplement your garden by doing that inside your home.

You can also do your container gardening to get plants started in order to take them and put them outside in your yard. I love vines, and I was able to plant so many different things in my yard because I had a fence on one side that I could grow vines up against. Whether or not you have a fence or a post or something, you can still do this because you can place a trellis in your yard. A nice trumpet vine, passion flower vine or yellow jasmine would be a nice start.

One great way to get ideas is to look at pictures that people have posted of other gardens. Have you tried Pinterest? This is a social media site where people pin things, and garden ideas would surely be on there. You would see more pictures than you’d possibly want to browse. When you see what you like, you can make it happen. Your garden can be a collage of ideas that you grab from those pictures.

Of course, you don’t want to make your backyard garden look too busy. I tend to do that if I’m working with a smaller yard, but I do get compliments on my yard as well. It’s all in what you like, but choosing wisely instead of planting everything is a much better approach. There are all kinds of combinations of ideas, and you just need to figure out what works for your yard. If you plant any trees, remember that they are going to get larger. In fact, you need to remember that when you’re planning out your spacing for any type of planting your doing for your garden.

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